Tuesday, December 22, 2009

this is what teachers do when on vacation...

...we stay up until crazy hours just because we can! LOVE being on vacation from first grade. however, my internal clock hits snooze way too many times and my ADD goes overboard. oh to be inside my head for about an hour... i do believe that you would have motion sickness and learn a new language all at the same time. :)

so anyways, this blog is dedicated to my family. and yes, i did name it "artsie and fartsy". it's actually a family joke from my husband's aunt: she would actually say "artsie and fartsy are coming into town for the weekend." makes me laugh because it is so very, very true! i love to create (you name it): cupcakes, crochet, photography, scrapbooking, journals, jewelry, some quilting, and i just taught myself to knit. the mr. does a fine job of holding up his end of the bargain... and we'll just leave it at that.

so there you go... i'll do my best to keep this current for there is never a dull moment in our little house! there may be a quick one-liner from someone's mouth, but those are my favorite! so enjoy! let my family be your entertainment.

and i'll leave you with this. the mr. and i heard it on the radio and we just howled!
"a man and his wife were visiting the Holy Lands and the wife died unexpectedly. the coroner's office said that the husband can bury is wife in the Holy Land for $150 or sent her back to the states for $9,000. the husband thought for a minute and said "i'll just ship her home". the coroner said "why would you want to spend all that money?" the husband replied "sir, a long, long time ago a Man died here and was buried here and three days later He was raised from the dead. i just can't take that chance..."

wrong? probably... a good laugh? oh yes ma'am!